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Are you out of time, but your house need attention? Then you need Inside-Out! We know what you are looking for. We started our business in 1988 to serve homeowners and businesses in Birmingham, Homewood, Vestavia, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Inverness, and the surrounding areas. No matter what kind of cleaning, laundry, or handyman services you need, we will provide the professional service. We DO do windows – and everything else.

We are local, so our reputation is our most important asset. We care about doing our best for you. Call us for regularly scheduled services, or for any one-time cleaning needs you may have.

Regularly Scheduled Home Cleaning Services
We will meet with you, find out which services you would like done on a regular basis, decide on the frequency you would like, and then agree on a schedule that works for you. We do all types of floor maintenance, clean kitchens and bathrooms, wash walls, do dishes, wash, fold and iron laundry, take out the garbage, dust and wipe all surfaces, and anything else you many wish to have done. We also use all-natural cleaners when requested to keep your home free from harsh chemicals. A list of our services by room are below.

One-time Home Cleaning Services
We clean carpets, wash windows, wax and polish floors, clean light fixtures and chandeliers, turn mattresses, clean area rugs, clean upholstery, dust blinds or shutters, clean all the hard to reach places requiring a ladder, clean floors under area rugs, clean draperies, and do all of the heavy jobs that you need on a less regular basis. Call us when you have any heavy lifting.

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Handyman Services
Do you need someone to help complete special jobs around the house? Maybe your attic or garage needs to be cleaned out. As a homeowner, you're often too busy to do all 101 things on your honey-do list, or maybe those tasks are beyond your capabilities. Give us a call! Our helpful handyman services will make quick work of those bothersome chores.

Maintenance Services
When you need repairs, let us be your one-stop shop. We have reputable specialists on call to fix your plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and handle other household repairs. We’ll do the scheduling and even be there to let them in and supervise if you can’t be there.

Caretaker Services
If you travel, or are away from your home frequently, you will want a caretaker. We will water plants, check security, bring in any mail or packages, and other routine services on a regular basis. We’ll schedule a cleaning before you return so your homecoming is a pleasant one. If there is a storm that knocks out power, or if there are any issues with your home and you aren’t there, we’ll notify you and work with you to alleviate any issue.

For routine cleaning and maintenance, we schedule a team to perform certain basic tasks on every visit, plus regular scheduled heavy cleaning tasks. Below is a list of our routine cleaning services.

General Room Inspection

  • Pick up and neatly stack all items, papers, toys, etc.
  • Thoroughly dust entire room, including door and window frames, windowsills, blinds, shutters, baseboards, and vents
  • Pick up and dust all objects on flat surfaces
  • Brush upholstered furniture
  • Dry-dust all wood furniture
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors as appropriate
  • Empty trashcans and replace liners


  • Scrub tub/shower, including walls
  • Polish sinks and all fixtures
  • Polish all glass surfaces
  • Clean toilet with disinfectant
  • Damp-wipe all counters and tile floor


  • Scrub stovetop
  • Scrub sink and polish fixtures
  • Damp-wipe all counters
  • Clean countertop items as required
  • Clean top and outside of all appliances
  • Clean inside and out of microwave


  • Make beds with clean sheets if provided
  • Clean under bed, unless used for storage

Seasonal Tasks

  • Wash all kitchen woodwork (including inside of doors), Disinfect kitchen trashcan
  • Wash all bathroom woodwork (including inside of doors), Disinfect bathroom trashcans
  • Clean all high shelves (any shelves requiring a step ladder to reach)
  • Thoroughly clean all light fixtures (ceiling and wall mounted)
  • Brush carpet edges, and clean floors under area rugs

You will receive one monthly bill for all services. It’s simple. Call us and find out what
we can do for you. We've got you covered from top to bottom, inside and out!

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